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Andrew has been creating and building for over thirty years. He started as a kid working in his Dad’s wood shop and continued into adulthood branching out into furniture design, mixed media and sculpture. He has primarily made his living through carpentry and furniture making.


A few years ago Andrew began exploring art making outdoors. He would wander in nature and create from found objects as a way to attune to himself and the world and practice letting go. This allowed him to let his creativity to flow with the environment. It became a kind of mindfulness practice.


In his outdoor exploration, he never knew what he would find, what he would make, or how it would turn out. Some pieces took an hour, some days. He created in rain, snow, sunshine and all terrain. Each piece would then decompose, crumble or fall back to the earth where it came. Andrew found deep satisfaction and peace with this process and began sharing photos on social media.


The support he gained from his online and in person community inspired him to branch out further. Andrews journey as an artist and builder is now brought to you on this website. To inquire about his furniture, photography, or mixed media work please fill out the form below or send him an email directly.

It is important to note that Andrew uses no adhesives or man made objects in his art. It is all ephemeral and balanced through nature. He also does not pick anything live, it is all found on the ground and already dead or dying. He primarily works in public spaces. Anytime he is on national parks he takes apart his creations before leaving to leave no trace. 


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